Company Profile

LUDOCA INC. is a company specializing in creating and publishing of games since 2012. With the games of LUDOCA INC. you will experience intriguing and delightful moments while you try to think of tricks to defeat your opponents.

Safety standards

We thrive to design and market high quality games. We use environmentally friendly materials that meet the standards of the countries where our products are sold.

Our goal

The consumer's fun is our success.

Our values

Honesty, education, welfare and professionalism.

The motto of LUDOCA INC. is : " We Play For Fun "
President LUDOCA
Frédéric Bouchard
CEO & Founder

Frédéric Bouchard holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada. He has worked in the field of water treatment, consulting engineering and manufacturing. Mr. Bouchard has completed various projects for companies such as Neidner, Unibroue and BMW. He has worked in automation, 3D modeling, research & development and process optimization. Frédéric Bouchard participated in the commission of new successful environmental technologies that have been patented. His precious help within businesses and his work alongside leaders gave him the experience to start his own business in a field that fascinates him.